Aluminum Extrusion Raw Materials

AluFab carries a large inventory of T-Slots extrusion, which includes both fractional and metric extrusion and their accessories. Our extensive inventory of the most commonly used profiles are available for immediate shipment in strut lengths up to twenty feet. Accessories, brackets, fasteners and hardware for all available profiles can be shipped from our facility within 24 hours of receiving your order.

Our Aluminum Extrusion Components Include:

Our Extrusion Profiles are Comparable to Bosch, Item and 80/20

AluFab offers 3 basic categories of structural aluminum extrusion: Fractional, Metric, and B-Series.

Our extrusions are comparable in quality and compatible with those of Bosch, Item and 80/20.

If your project needs to support a heavy load and you have questions about which profiles to pick that would provide the best support, check out our Deflection Calculator.

Fractional 1" & 1.5" Based 6 & 8mm Item, 80/20
Metric 40mm Based 8mm Item, 80/20
B-Series 30mm, 40mm, & 45mm Based 8 & 10mm Bosch

Fractional Aluminum Extrusions

T-Slots Fractional Extrusion includes our 10 Series and 15 Series extrusion profiles. 10 Series extrusions have profiles that are 1” based, and 15 Series extrusions are 1.5” based. 15 Series is offered in both light and heavy; choose light if you are trying to keep your project lighter in weight, choose heavy for jobs that need added strength and support.

Fractional extrusions include 1”x1”, 1.5” x 1.5”, 3”x3”, and much more
AluFab can provide your Fractional Extrusion cut to any length up to 20 feet and add any machining you may require. To see an overview of what machining services we provide, visit our Machining Services page.

To view Fractional profiles in our catalog, along with all weight and strength specifications, Download our Catalog here. If you’d like to shop for Fractional profiles in our online store, click the Shop Online link. Or you could Contact Us with any questions you have regarding Fractional Extrusions

Deflection Calculator

40mm Metric Extrusions & Components

T-Slots Metric Extrusion is 40mm based and is also offered in light and heavy. Extrusions have an 8 mm t-slot equivalent to the 15 Series Fractional Extrusion, so hardware and accessories are interchangeable.

Metric extrusion has a similar t-slot shape to Fractional, but is based in 40mm increments
To see an overview of what machining services AluFab can provide for this extrusion, visit our Machining Services page. To view 40mm Metric profiles in our catalog, along with all weight and strength specifications, Download our Catalog here. If you’d like to shop for 40mm profiles in our online store, click the Shop Online link. Or you could Contact Us with any questions you have regarding Metric Extrusions.

B-Series 45mm Aluminum Extrusions and Components

AluFab’s B-series extrusion is 30mm and 45mm based extrusion lines that has a t-slot profile comparable with Bosch extrusion. Our B-series also has its own line of hardware, hinges, brackets, and accessories. Download our B-series catalog and compare to Bosch, or check out what else our B-series line has to offer:

  • TSLOT nuts
  • Leveling Feet
  • Hinges
  • Die Cast Angles
  • Door Catches
  • Handles
  • Pivot Joints
  • Screws

Contact Us with any questions regarding B-series extrusion, or click Shop Online to see what’s offered in our online store.

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AluFab’s B-series extrusion is Bosch equivalent and comes in a variety of profile sizes

Brackets, Gussets, and Plates

AluFab’s line of brackets, gussets, and plates will allow you to assemble your project without involving any machining. Check out our corner brackets to join extrusion pieces at an angle, or if you need some added strength try a corner gusset. Keep your corners open for panels and inserts by using one of our joining plates. Check out all the options in our Catalog, or click the Buy Online link to view brackets, gussets, and plates in our online shop.

Note: Be sure to pay attention to what series extrusion your accessory fits by looking at the series type listed at the front of the part name (10S or 15S/40S) B-series brackets, gussets and plates are listed on a different page than fractional brackets, gussets and plates

AluFab offers a wide selection of Brackets, Gussets, and Plates providing design flexibility and requiring no machining


AluFab offers a wide variety of ways to fasten your extrusion. Our bolts and t-nuts can be easily slid into the t-slots of the extrusion and tightened to secure any bracket, joining plate, or anything you are hoping to mount to your extrusion. If you are mounting to an already assembled structure, try drop-in t-nuts that can be placed anywhere on the extrusion t-slot and pushed in to place.

If you are looking build your structure with high-strength connections, our end fasteners and anchor fasteners will allow you to do that. Anchor fasteners fit in to a counterbore at the end of the extrusion and allow you to secure that end of the extrusion to another t-slot. End fasteners fit into a tapped hole at the end of an extrusion piece and can join to another piece through an access hole. Learn more through our Instruction videos, or see what machining AluFab can offer at our machining services page.

Fastening Instruction Videos

Drop-in t-nuts allow you to mount anything you like to any open t-slot
Anchor fasteners provide high-strength connections and allow extrusion to easily be moved or adjusted

Door, Panel & Frame Hardware & Accessories

AluFab has all the accessories necessary to incorporate doors and panels into your project. Panels can slide easily into the t-slot of the extrusion and secured with panel gasket.

Doors can be added to your structure by using AluFab accessories such as hinges, door handles, and latches.

If you want to avoid exposed extrusion ends or t-slots showing on your structure, AluFab offers end caps and t-slot covers for every profile and t-slot size & shape.

Download our catalog for a full listing of the Door & Panel Hardware and Accessories that we offer, or check out what items are offered in our Online Store. If you have questions about how to incorporate these accessories into your project, Contact Us and one of our engineers will respond ready to help.

*The product categories below are not offered in our online store. For pricing or to purchase, please Contact Us.

Hinges, handles, latches and other accessories make it easy to incorporate doors into your assembly
End caps & t-slot covers keep your structure looking good, keep debris out of t-slots, and protect against exposed extrusion ends

Dynamic & Structural Hinges

Dynamic hinges are made of 6000 series aluminum alloy with pre-lubricated bronze pivot bearings and hardened stripper bolt axles. The dynamic hinges are designed to give your aluminum extrusion structural assembly design from 0 to 180 degrees of axial motion. Dynamic hinges are great for diverter gate applications and have a high load capacity.
Get the motion and support you need in your aluminum extrusion assembly:

  • Dynamic Hinges provide 0 to 180 degrees of axial motion
  • Dynamic Hinges give your aluminum extrusion structure high load capacity
  • Dynamic Hinges for diverter gate applications
  • A complete assortment of Structural Hinges also available

Download our catalog to see a full selection of Dynamic & Structural Hinges, or Contact Us to get a quote.

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Linear Motion

Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings are designed to be used in both low and high acceleration/deceleration applications. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearing contains special threaded inserts in the pads that allow for a more heavy duty bearing. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings can be used in applications such as actuators, parts transfers, or pick and place operations.

Download our catalog to see a full selection of Linear Bearings, or Contact Us to get a quote.


Stanchions allow you the ability to implement a fourth and fifth axis to your application. By utilizing our tubes and solid rounds you can create precise positioning with our stanchions. Position of camera equipment and light sources, even positioning for actuators or sensors, can be easily achieved with our wide selection of stanchions. Anything from single or double shaft bases, blank mounting or pre-drilled mounting plates, to single or double mounting blocks are available. The Horizontal Quick Clamp stanchion, a different style of stanchion, allows you to retain the modularity you get with TSLOTS extrusions.

Download our catalog to see a full selection of Stanchions, or Contact Us to have stanchions and tubing quoted.