30mm B-Series Profiles

AluFab’s 30mm B-Series aluminum extrusion is a Bosch-compatible line of extrusion profiles based in 30mm increments and having an 8mm t-slot. The 30mm B-Series extrusion has an t-slot that is same size and shape as Bosch extrusion, making the hardware, fasteners and accessories interchangeable between product lines. Our 30mm B-Series extrusion line contains a number of profiles of different shapes that allow your structure to look exactly how you want it. Also, check out available fasteners, brackets, and accessories below that are made to fit our 30mm B-Series extrusion. Just look for the “8” next to the part number in our catalog to ensure the part that you are choosing is compatible with a 8mm t-slot

When incorporating panels into your project, 6mm or 1/4” thick panels fit best with our 30mm B-Series extrusion. Check out available materials in our Panels Catalog.

Extrusion Profiles

Brackets, Gussets, & Plates