Applications & Ideas for Aluminum Structural Framing

When using AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion, you can build just about anything you want due to its versatility and modularity. Although our structural extrusion has been in the manufacturing sector for decades to construct perimeter guards and machine enclosures, our customers have not stopped there and have found many other creative applications for t-slotted aluminum extrusion.  AluFab offers the broadest line of aluminum profiles, connectors and accessories which allows us to customize your structure to function any way you want.

Check out some of the applications we specialize in below, or Contact us for more information.

Aluminum Enclosures


AluFab specializes in custom enclosures, ranging from small cabinet enclosures to walk-in enclosures the size of an entire room.  Enclosures can include features such as electrical power, heating and cooling, safety sprinkler systems and custom lighting. These enclosures can be used as barriers between machine and operator, dust-free clean rooms, temperature-controlled environments, or anything else that requires a closed environment.  Visit our Enclosures Page

Aluminum Machine Bases

Machine Bases

Because of the design flexibility and ability to carry heavy loads while remaining lightweight, t-slotted extrusion is the perfect choice for your machine bases.  With t-slotted extrusion, ease of assembly, retrofitting, mobility, and strength are all qualities your machine base will possess while remaining lighter and cheaper than steel.

Aluminum Machine Framing - Custom DJ Stand

Machine Framing

Many people prefer t-slotted aluminum extrusion over steel framing because with extrusion, there is no welding, grinding, or painting, and installation is quick and easy.  It is lightweight, easy to modify, and comes in a clear anodized or black anodized finish.  You can mount absolutely anything to t-slotted extrusion, making AluFab’s extrusion the perfect choice for your machine frames.

Aluminum Workstation


Workstations made from t-slotted aluminum extrusion can be easily designed and modified to fit your application.  Your workstation can be designed to be modular, ergonomic, and adjustable, not to mention all the features you can incorporate. Lights, manifolds, table height adjustments, tool hangers, parts bin racks, and power outlets are just a few features that can be added to any workstation.  The AluFab team can help you design, add to, or modify your existing workstation to meet any new demands.  Visit our Workstations page

Aluminum Perimeter Guarding

Perimeter Guarding

AluFab’s guarding allows you to create a safe work environment without breaking the bank or spending hours installing and assembling.  With t-slotted extrusion guarding, you can enhance the appearance of your machines while adding the safety features that will keep you in compliance with all OSHA regulations. Safety interlocks, sliding or latching doors, and tool racks are just some of the features that can complete your perimeter guarding. 

Visit our Perimeter Guarding page

Aluminum Material Handling

Material Handling

AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion has been used as conveyor bases, sensor frames, and mounting posts in the material handling space for years. Electronics, fluid power, packaging and guarding can all be easily incorporated into your material handling systems with t-slotted aluminum extrusion.  Like all other applications, assembly and installation is easy and the tools required to do so are few.

Aluminum Divider Panel

Divider Panels

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, the demand for easy and effective ways to social distance in the workplace has been increasing. AluFab has provided a number of customized barriers to restaurants, office environments, gas stations, and manufacturing plants. Our customers love the mobility and visibility our panels provide.  Visit our T-slotted Covid-19 Solutions page

Aluminum Tool Rack

Tool Specialties

Tool carts, racks, and shelves are all easily designed and assembled using t-slotted extrusion.  The lightweight properties of extrusion make any assembly easy to handle, and the flexibility of T-slots makes your design easy to build, move, add to, or redesign.

Display Units

Lightweight modular exhibits are easy to ship and can be assembled on site with limited tools required.  Permanent or temporary displays are easy to configure and customize.  AluFab can help design a display that will fold, lock together and roll into the back of a truck or van.

Shelving Units

AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion can be used to create a strong, sturdy shelving unit while remaining lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble. Ask our team about materials that are available to be mounted as shelves, or let us know what you are looking for and we’ll tell you how to incorporate it. Anything can be mounted to or added to t-slotted extrusion! Features like drawers, doors, and casters can also be easily added and customized.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Valves, actuators, regulators, fittings, pumps, and accessories easily attach to AluFab’s T-slots.  Alufab’s T-slotted profiles make cleaning up your fluid power system easy.  The T-slotted profiles can be used as pressure manifolds and tube and wire-ways to improve the aesthetics and function of your fluid power system.

Aquarium and Terrarium Bases

T-slotted aluminum extrusion has recently become the go-to material in the aquarium and terrarium bases for its strength, modularity, and sleek look. Our team is here to help you customize your stand to fit your aquarium/terrarium system, as well as add any features you need including shelves, cabinets, lights, and casters.

Aluminum Photo Booth

Custom Solutions

If we could list every application we have seen for our t-slotted aluminum extrusion, you’d be amazed! DJ stands, tanning booths, photo booths, bed frames, and light fixtures are a just a few examples of creative ways our customers have incorporate t-slotted aluminum extrusion into their daily life! If you have a project that requires a strong, cheap, customizable, and sleek material, let us know and our team can tell you if t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the right choice for you!

Contact Us if you have an idea that fits any of these descriptions, or if you have a unique idea that you would like to see built.