Applications & Ideas for Aluminum Structural Framing

With AluFab aluminum structural framing, you can build just about anything you can imagine. This includes perimeter guarding, work tables, machine bases, industrial guarding, tool racks, robot stands, workstations, carts, display units and much more. AluFab offers the broadest line of aluminum profiles, connectors and accessories. This means you can build structures exactly the way you want, to support the loads you want. You never overbuild or under build.

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AluFab specializes in custom enclosures, ranging from small cabinet enclosures to room size walk-in enclosures that may include electrical power, heating and cooling, safety sprinkler systems and custom lighting. Because T-slotted extrusions are so flexible, customizing your enclosures becomes easy.

Aluminum Enclosures

Machine Bases

The flexibility, high load capacities and light weight make the T-slotted extrusion the perfect choice for your machine bases. With T-slotted extrusion, assembly, retrofits and the anodized finish save you valuable time and money.

Aluminum Machine Bases

Machine Framing

Light weight, anodized finish and ease of modification makes your choice for framing material easy. With no welding, grinding or painting why would you ever use steel in your framing applications? You can mount absolutely anything to T-slotted extrusion, making AluFabs extrusion the perfect choice for your machine frames.

Aluminum Machine Framing


Modular, ergonomic and adjustable, work stations can be easily designed and modified to fit your application. Lights, manifolds, table height adjustments, tool hangers, parts bin racks, power outlets are just a partial list of options available. AluFab workstations never become outdated. With the T-slotted extrusion we can re-design or modify your existing AluFab workstation to meet your new demands.

Aluminum Workstations

Perimeter Guarding

Worries of OSHA are a thing of the past with AluFabs guarding. Enhance the appearance of your machines while adding the safety features that will keep you in compliance with all OSHA regulations. Let AluFabs designers and installers take care of all of your guarding needs from start to finish.

Aluminum Perimeter Guarding

Material Handling

Electronics, fluid power, packaging and guarding can all be easily incorporated into your material handling systems using the T-slotted extrusion technology. A ball end Allen wrench is the only tool required to add flexibility and modularity to your material handling systems.

Aluminum Material Handling

Tool Specialties

The sky is the limit for your tooling applications. AluFab’s T-slotted extrusion allows for infinite adjustment and modularity for all of your special tooling needs.

Display Units

Light weight modular exhibits are easy to ship and can be assembled on site with a few turns of a ball end Allen wrench. Permanent or temporary displays are easy to configure and customize. AluFab can help design a display that will fold up, lock together and roll into the back of a truck or van in minutes.


AluFab can design furniture that is modular, ergonomic and adjustable. A large variety of aluminum extrusion profiles allows us to design and build anything from small stands and trays to large desks, cabinets or entertainment centers. Many stores, offices and homes have already enjoyed the unique appearance and quality of AluFab’s custom furniture.


Power transmission, electronics, fluid power, guarding and customer assemblies; anything bolts to the T-slots making your automation systems versatile and efficient. From small prototypes to entire automated systems they all go together with a ball end Allen wrench.

Linear Motion

Metric and fractional T-slotted extrusion allow for smooth and reliable linear motion that can be used in virtually any application. Our wide variety of bearings, slides and brakes makes AluFab your first choice for your linear motion applications.

Hydraulics & Pneumatics

Valves, actuators, regulators, fittings, pumps, accessories and more, easily attach to AluFab’s T-slots. Alufab’s T-slotted profiles make cleaning up your fluid power system easy. The T-slotted profiles can be used as pressure manifolds and tube and wire-ways to improve the aesthetics and function of your fluid power system.

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