CMM Perimeter Enclosures

AluFab Perimeter Enclosures

Designed to protect just the CMM, this small, individual machine unit is accessed from outside the enclosure.

Standard Features for Perimeter Enclosures

Both perimeter enclosure styles are designed with the following features:

  • T-slotted aluminum construction
  • Expanded PVC multi-colored panels
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Filtered cooling fans
  • Brush seals: seals air, light, fumes, dust, debris, and spray
  • Lightweight modular panels, designed to fasten together for easy installation
  • Acrylic or Lexan (this has the little R for registered after it) window panels for clear visability
  • Removable panels for easy maintenance
  • Floor or table mounts
In addition to these standard options, AluFab can customize your perimeter enclosure to accommodate any special needs you may have. Please call with special requests and we will be happy to design and incorporate an appropriate solution: (513) 528-7281.

Access Options

  • Sliding panel door
  • Swing-type (cabinet-style) door
  • Vertical sliding door – manual or automatic

Climate Control Options

  • Vent slot
  • Cooling fan
  • Heating/Air-conditioning unit
  • Plenum ceiling

Dust Control Options

  • Door brush seal
  • Panel gasket seals
  • Positive pressure blower