Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Structures

AluFab specializes in taking your project from concept to completion in the form of fully assembled structures. If design help is needed, our engineers are standing by to provide drawings and advice on the best way to complete your project. Once your design is complete, you can choose the best way for you to receive your product. Whether that be fully assembled, partially assembled, or as an easy to assemble kit, AluFab will make it easy for you to see your project through to completion.

AluFab Offers:

  • Easy-to-Assemble Kit
  • Fully Assembled Structure
  • On-Site Assembly

What can you build with AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion? The possibilities are endless.


AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the perfect material to use to construct an enclosure that would fit directly in your plant or work environment. From perimeter enclosures that allow working at a safe distance, small enclosures that allow dust control, climate control, or light protection, all the way to full room enclosures that can be designed to create a customized environment within your plant. AluFab has years of experience designing, creating, and installing enclosures of all sizes that our customers use to control your machine’s environment and allows operation at optimal parameters.

Perimeter Guarding

Often in manufacturing settings, a barrier is required between a machine that is running and the operators and any other onlookers or pedestrians that may be around the machine. That is where AluFab’s perimeter guarding comes in. Our t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the perfect material to create solid or wire mesh panels that can be used to protect your machine, protect your workers, and meet all of OSHA’s standards when it comes to a safe work or plant environment.

Customize your guarding with doors, interlocks, panel types, and colors. If you know you need guarding but are unfamiliar with our product, an experienced AluFab engineer will come to you to sketch and design your perimeter guarding on-site. We make it easy to provide a safe and clean work environment.


For a sturdy, customized, well-priced and sharp looking workstation, look no further than AluFab’s line of t-slotted aluminum extrusion-based workstations.  Any features you can think of can be easily incorporated into your design, and AluFab’s team of engineers will make it easy on you by providing you with drawings and recommendations.  Custom table tops or panels are also available, so let our team know exactly what you are looking for and we will bring it to life.

TSLOTS Extrusion and Kits

Your project, large or small, can be designed and shipped as an easy to assemble kit.  AluFab will cut and machine all the necessary pieces of our t-slotted aluminum extrusion, and provide all the needed hardware all the way down to the bolts.  A drawing will also be included that shows where each piece goes, and the pieces that are included will have corresponding labels.  Panels, leveling feet, casters, or custom machined parts can also be included.  AluFab will take care of all the cutting and machining that is necessary so your kit will arrive complete and ready to assemble.

Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure

Enclosure installed on site by AluFab installation team

Aluminum Extrusion Enclosure

AluFab can provide your project fully assembled and ready for use, as seen by this enclosure that was provided to a customer.