Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Structures

The team at AluFab is well equipped to take your project from concept to completion, no matter what
stage it is in. If your project is still in the concept phase, let the engineers at AluFab generate a technical drawing that will show exactly how we plan on creating your ideas using our aluminum extrusion
product line. If a drawing already exists, simply share it with our team and we will provide your order as
either an easy-to-assemble kit, or a fully assembled structure.

Why spend the time and money assembling your project on your own? The team at AluFab has the skills
and experience to complete all necessary assembly, and your order will arrive at your door complete
and ready for use. If your structure is too big to ship fully assembled but you still would like help with
installation, AluFab has an installation team that can provide on-site assembly.

Contact us today for more information regarding our Aluminum Extrusion assembled structures, or with
any questions regarding assembly and installation.

Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Products