COVID-19 Update: AluFab supplies to businesses considered essential to the supply chain, therefore we are open and operating as normal.  We are committed to helping our customers through this time by offering custom protective barriers for your work environment.

Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Structures

The team at AluFab is well equipped to take your aluminum extrusion project from concept to completion, no matter what stage it is in.  Share your ideas or drawings with our team, and our engineers will get to work bringing your project to life. We can provide your aluminum extrusion project as an easy-to-assemble kit or have it sent to you fully assembled and ready for use. If your structure is too big to ship fully assembled but you still would like help with installation, AluFab has an installation team that can provide on-site assembly.  

AluFab Offers:

  • Easy-to-Assemble Kit
  • Fully Assembled Structure
  • On-Site Assembly

Contact us  with your concept or idea to get started, or for more information regarding T Slotted Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Structures.

Aluminum Extrusion Assembled Products

Enclosure installed on site by AluFab installation team

AluFab can provide your project fully assembled and ready for use, as seen by this enclosure that was provided to a customer.