Linear Motion with Aluminum Extrusion

Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings are designed to be used in both low and high acceleration/deceleration applications. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearing contains special threaded inserts in the pads that allow for a more heavy duty bearing in your aluminum extrusion assembly. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings can be used in applications such as actuators, parts transfers, or pick and place operations.

Advantages of the Shimless Industrial Linear Bearing in Linear Motion Aluminum Extrusion Applications are:

  • Added radii increases structural strength of extrusion housing, and smooth clean finish.
  • Shimless Industrial Bearings provide convenience and single tool adjustability without disassembly.
  • Full length bearing pads on all bearings.
  • Due to type of fasteners provided, all bearings are designed for Industrial (hi-cycle, long life) use.
  • Can install L-handle brake for positioning.
  • Eliminate adjustablility of bearing by using shim pack.

AluFab provides shimless industrial linear bearings for linear motion with Aluminum Extrusion.

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