Linear Motion Bearings & Glides with Aluminum Extrusion

One of the advantages of using t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the versatility and modularity of the extrusion when it comes to adding features to your project. Often, users will want to add sliding doors, retractable trays, drawers and sliding shelves, or other accessories that requires linear motion. Luckily, the team at AluFab has experience with a number of methods that allow you to incorporate linear motion into your design.

Linear Bearings

Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings are designed to be used in both low and high acceleration/deceleration applications. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearing contains special threaded inserts in the pads that allow for a more heavy duty bearing in your aluminum extrusion assembly. The Shimless Industrial Linear Bearings can be used in applications such as actuators, parts transfers, or pick and place operations.

Advantages of the Shimless Industrial Linear Bearing in Linear Motion Aluminum Extrusion Applications are:

  • Added radii increases structural strength of extrusion housing
  • Single tool adjustability without disassembly
  • Full length bearing pads on all bearings
  • Accessories such as L-handle brakes for positioning
  • Smooth clean finish

Roller Glides

Another way to add linear motion to your assembly is by roller block wheels. These roller wheel assemblies are designed to be fastened to AluFab t-slotted aluminum extrusion, but also slide in the t-slot of another piece of extrusion. When incorporated to a door or drawer system, these wheels provide smooth, sturdy sliding between structures.

Made for every type and size of extrusion, these can be added to virtually any assembly.

Advantages include:

  • Can transform a framed door into a sturdy sliding door with smooth motion back and forth
  • Easy to mount with just standard bolts & t-nuts
  • Made specific to all types of extrusion
  • Available as a single assembly part number


One method of linear motion that is unique to AluFab is the use of drawer glides in assemblies to create linear motion. After years of experience working with t-slotted aluminum extrusion, the engineers at AluFab have found that often the simplest, smoothest, and sharpest looking way to incorporate linear motion is by mounting drawer glides to our extrusion. These glides can handle heavy loads, be incorporated into unique configurations, and span large spaces. For big or small applications, these glides are easily mounted to AluFab extrusion and provide smooth, sturdy motion.

Advantages of using drawer glides for linear motion:

  • Can support anything from small loads to very heavy loads
  • Can allow a door to span large spaces creating open doorways and walkways
  • Easily mounted to extrusion with standard bolts and t-nuts
  • High strength within a small width providing a compact, clean look
  • Include built-in bearings that provide smooth motion

For more information on linear motion, and what method would work best for your application, Contact Us today and the AluFab engineering team will help design linear motion directly into your project!