Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does AluFab carry 80/20, Item and/or Bosch extrusion?

AluFab uses TSLOTS extrusion line which is equivalent to 80/20, Item, and Bosch, containing the same overall dimensions and same t-slots.  Our hardware is compatible as well, meaning our hardware would work with similar brands and 80/20, Item, and Bosch’s hardware would work with our extrusion.

Check out our Catalog, which is divided into sections that represent equivalent extrusions.  The orange section is equivalent to 80/20, the blue section is equivalent to Bosch, and the red section is equivalent to Item.

Can AluFab convert a list of parts from 80/20, Item, and/or Bosch to AluFab part numbers?

Yes, if you provide a list of part numbers from 80/20, Item, and/or Bosch we can convert them to our equivalent part numbers and provide a quote.  Contact us to get a quote on parts.

Is AluFab experiencing supply chain issues and long lead times to receive and ship material?

AluFab stocks a number of common profiles including 10 Series, 15 Series, 30 Series, and 45 Series extrusions and has plenty available to meet your supply chain needs.  We also keep a large stock of hardware, fasteners, and accessories for each series so that our customers are not waiting on parts.  If there is a specific part that we cannot deliver in a timely fashion, we will suggest alternatives and work with you to figure out how to resolve your problem.

What does it mean to order our parts in “kit” form?

“Kit form” means that your order will not be assembled, but all extrusion will be cut to size and pre-machined for you and all the hardware that is necessary to assemble and complete your project will be included.  AluFab also conveniently packages your order divided up and with labels so it is clear what all parts are meant for.

Will you travel onsite to help with structure assembly/set up?

AluFab is happy to help with assembly and install on site. Let our team know if you are interested in this service and we will provide a quote and time frame.

Can AluFab help me design my build by suggesting which extrusion and fasteners to use?

 Our team at AluFab is happy to help suggest and educate our customers on the best and easiest way to build and assemble your project.  We can suggest fasteners and hardware and make sure that any hardware you order is compatible with the corresponding extrusion that you are ordering. 

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