10 Series Profiles

AluFab’s 10 Series aluminum extrusion consists of 1”-based profiles with a 6mm (.26”) t-slot.  All available profiles come in clear anodized, and common profiles such as 1010 (1” x 1”), 1020 (1” x 2”), 1030, & 2020 also have black anodized options.  For a cleaner, slot-less look, try incorporating our monoslot, bislot, and trislot extrusions into your assembly. Also, check out available fasteners, brackets, and accessories below that are made to fit our 10 Series extrusion.  Just look for the “10” next to the part number in our catalog to ensure the part that you are choosing is compatible with our 1” based extrusion. When incorporating panels into your project, 4.5mm or 3/16” thick panels fit best with our 10 Series extrusion.  Check out available materials in our Panels Catalog.

Extrusion Profiles

Brackets, Gussets, & Plates