Aluminum Extrusion Hardware & Accessories

Everything you need to build aluminum extrusion assembly panels and doors for guarding, bi-fold doors, sliding doors or aluminum frame enclosures. If you need something to complete an aluminum extrusion project and we don’t have it, please contact us and we will source it for you.

We carry most hardware for aluminum extrusion structures and assemblies including:

  • Lift Off Hinges, Adjustable Hinges and Aluminum Hinges
  • Door Catches, Handles and Latches
  • Door Hangers, Roller Wheels and Slide Tracks
  • Panel Mount Brackets, Stiffeners and Retainers
  • and much more …

AluFab carries a complete assortment of aluminum extrusion hardware.

View our complete catalog of Aluminum Extrusion Hardware (pdf – 437KB)
Download the catalog for access to all details in your next aluminum extrusion structural assembly.

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