T-slotted Extrusion Protective Barriers

The COVID-19 pandemic has greatly increased the need for protective barriers in office environments, plant environments, retail spaces, and other spaces where human contact is frequent.  Luckily, AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion serves as a perfect material to create these protective barriers.

Due to its modularity, ease of assembly, and ability to easily incorporate clear plexiglass panels into assemblies, our customers have been using t-slotted aluminum extrusion in many different protective barrier applications

Sneeze Guards

Sneeze Guards are typically desk-top or counter-top panels that provide a divider between coworkers, employees and customers, or anyone standing and sitting around a surface. AluFab has designed many different types of sneeze guards and incorporated them into our customers’ environments in every way you can think of. Submit a Sneeze Guard Request for Quote form quickly and easily here.

Tabletop Dividers – Free-Standing

The simplest way to incorporate tabletop or countertop dividers is to use small, free-standing panels that are small, lightweight, easy to move, and look professional.  AluFab can help design your free-standing panel to whatever height and width dimension you require, and by using both extrusion feet and rounded feet we can make your divider fit any space.

Restaurant Register Free Standing Table Top Divider

Counter Guards – Mounted

If you want a divider that is sturdier and cannot be knocked over or moved, we offer guards that can be mounted to your counter.  By using brackets or connection strips, our t-slotted extrusion based counter guards can easily be mounted to your surface so that it provides a sturdy and protective shield against human contact.

Mounted Counter Guard AluFab

Divider Panels

AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion also can be used to create divider panels, which are protective barriers that go all the way to the floor.  Much like sneeze guards (and every other t-slotted extrusion application), these panels can be custom designed and made to any specifications so that your open area is best protected.  These panels can be mounted to the floor, free standing, or mobile.

Floor Mounted Panels

If you need a permanent panel that stands on its own and cannot be moved or adjusted, AluFab offers floor brackets that will mount your divider panel directly into the floor.

Free Standing Panels

AluFab also offers divider panels that can stand on the floor freely so your space can offer full-height protection, but your panel can be moved or adjusted as you see fit.

Mobile Divider Panels

Perhaps our most popular style of divider panel, AluFab offers mobile panels that are on casters, made to many different dimensions and specifications.  These casters provide easy mobility of your divider panel, and can be lockable so that your panel can be set to a certain place or position.  Connect multiple panels to create a mobile, multi-panel system that provides a large area of protection.  

Check out some floor dividers and how they can be used here.