Brackets, Gussets & Plates

The simplest way to assemble aluminum extrusion is with brackets and plates. These components mount to the aluminum extrusion t-slots using slide or drop-in nuts and screws, so they are strong, adjustable and require no machining of the aluminum extrusion framing pieces. AluFab’s wide selection of aluminum extrusion joining plates and brackets will cover just about every conceivable situation. Aluminum Extrusion corner connections are easily made with either light duty brackets or heavy duty gussets. Flat plates can be used for aluminum extrusion butt connections, tee connections, panel mounting, etc. These components are so versatile, they can even be used “after the fact” to stiffen and strengthen existing aluminum extrusion assemblies where load requirements have changed or were underestimated.

Aluminum Extrusion brackets, gussets and plates have superior benefits when assembling with aluminum extrusion:

  • Strength  Add strength to your aluminum extrusion structure with aluminum tslot brackets, gussets and plates
  • Adjustability  Easily adjust the aluminum extrusion framing in your aluminum structure
  • NO Machining Required  Assembling the aluminum extrusion framing requires no machining

AluFab carries a complete assortment of aluminum extrusion brackets, aluminum extrusion gussets, and aluminum extrusion plates.

View our complete catalog of Aluminum Extrusion Brackets, Gussets & Plates (pdf – 2.4MB)
Download the catalog for access to all details in your next aluminum extrusion structural assembly.

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