COVID-19 Update: AluFab supplies to businesses considered essential to the supply chain, therefore we are open and operating as normal.  We are committed to helping our customers through this time by offering custom protective barriers for your work environment.

Custom Solutions

Do you want a tool rack that is mobile but also organized and accessible? Need a custom, lightweight frame that your equipment can easily be mounted to? Have a display unit that is bulky, heavy, and difficult to put up and take down? These are just some of the questions our customers have asked themselves before making the obvious switch to a T-Slots aluminum extrusion solution.

Our extrusion comes in a variety of profiles to fit any size and look. Each profile is slotted, so that pieces can be assembled and disassembled quickly and efficiently or adjusted on the fly. Also, the slot allows you to mount equipment and add accessories all with just a ball head Allen wrench. Plastic, mesh, or PVC panels slide directly into slot and can be secured with gasket. And, with a variety of fastening options your structure will have the exact strength, look, and modularity that you are looking for.

We realize your time is important to you and that is why we are willing to do the hard part for you! At our shop we can do as much machining and assembly as you require. We also have a team of engineers standing by to help you bring your idea full circle by assisting in the design process, figuring out the details of your assembly, and explaining exactly how to assemble, disassemble, adjust or add to your project. All it takes is a call or an e-mail, and the first step towards bringing your idea to life is complete!