Custom Solutions

T-Slot Extrusion Solutions For Your Specialty Project

The best part about using t-slotted aluminum extrusion is that whatever you want to build, AluFab will have a solution for you.  If you are looking for a material to be the base of your project, and are wanting something that is strong but lightweight, easy to work with, add to, redesign, or customize, and provides a sleek modern look, then AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the right product for you.

An Assortment of Options, Easy Assemblage

 Our extrusion comes in a variety of profiles to fit any size and look. Each profile is slotted, so that pieces can be assembled and disassembled quickly and efficiently or adjusted on the fly. Also, the slot allows you to mount equipment and add accessories, and plastic, mesh, or PVC panels can slide directly into the slot.

With a variety of fastening options your structure will have the exact strength, look, and modularity that you are looking for.  Also, the only tool you will need to complete all of this is a ball end Allen wrench.

However, we also realize that if you are new to t-slotted aluminum it can be overwhelming.  That is why our engineers are standing by to help with design, give recommendations, or just be the link between you and your finished project.  Our shop will handle all of the machining and as much assembly help as you require. All it takes is a call or an e-mail, and the first step towards bringing your idea to life is complete!

So what uses have our customers found for our t-slotted aluminum extrusion?  Check out some below!

Aquarium Stands

Aquarium enthusiasts from all over the world have used our t-slotted aluminum extrusion as the base for their aquarium.  It is favored for its lightweight but strong properties, its ease of assembly, and the look it provides to any aquarium system.  Reach out today with your aquarium project and we can help design a stand for you.

Sign Frames

Lightweight modular exhibits and frames are easy to ship and can be assembled on site with limited tools required.  These frames can securely hold signs and panels and give your display a sleek, modern look.

Tool Racks/Carts

AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion can be used to create a strong, sturdy tool rack or cart while remaining lightweight and easy to move around.  The t-slot allows hooks and racks to easily be added for tools of all sizes and weights, or incorporate square wire mesh to hang your equipment from.