AluFab extrudes and sources all of our t-slotted aluminum extrusion in the US in order to meet your supply chain needs. We are well stocked and well prepared to keep your business moving by providing your aluminum extrusion needs quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. Contact Us today to learn more about the AluFab difference when it comes to t-slotted aluminum extrusion structures.

Aluminum Extrusion-Based Aquarium Stands

All standard sized stands below ship FREE!

Aluminum extrusion is the go-to material for aquarium stands today!  Easy to assemble, both lightweight & high strength, and easily customizable, t-slotted aluminum extrusion manufactured by AluFab is the perfect stand material to display your aquarium.

Browse our standard Aquarium Stand Kits below.  All kits ship from our facility in Cincinnati, OH and will arrive to your doorstep in 2-3 weeks:

Don’t see what you are looking for?

If our standard size stands do not fit your needs, please contact us with some information about what dimensions you are looking for or what you are looking to change from our standard kits.  AluFab entered the aquarium enthusiast world as a custom stand designer and manufacturer, so we are always willing and excited to work with you to build your perfect stand!

Ask about our magnetic wraps and panels

We have developed a line of quick-connect magnetic panels that attach easily to your stand and help conceal your equipment while still maintaining that sleek and professional look.  While we hope to have these panels available in our store soon, we can work with you now to provide the exact color, size, and look that you want.  Please Contact Us for more information

Tidal Gardens Turns to AluFab for Custom Aquarium Stand Builds

Tidal Gardens is a popular aquaculture farm in Copley, OH, who have cultivated an internationally recognized brand. They have utilized AluFab’s products and expertise multiple times to create customized t-slot aluminum aquarium stands.

Tidal Gardens’ owner Than Thein maintains an active presence on YouTube, and was gracious enough to mention AluFab and the construction of his stands in two videos!

What sets AluFab’s stands apart from the competition?

AluFab is confident our product and customer service is the best in the business!  Some factors that set AluFab apart from companies like Framing Tech or Tenecor:

Added Strength

We use 1.5″ x 3″ extrusion for our tops and legs in order to maximize strength.  Our design allows the 3″ thick aluminum profile to handle the bulk of your system’s weight, and then we double down by having that 3″ profile supported by a 3″ wide leg.

Sturdy Leveling Feet

Our leveling feet (included in every standard kit) consist of a 3/8-16 rod threaded in to a 3/4″ base plate.  That allows the weight of the system to be balanced over the feet for maximum sturdiness.  Our leveling feet also come with a bottom rubber pad so they will not scratch or scuff your floor.

We also offer premium leveling casters that move your system around easily and can convert into feet when your stand is ready to be stationary.

Design & Customization Help

If your tank does not fit one of our standard kits, Contact Us and we will help design a stand that fits your system and your vision perfectly!  Customized shelving, panels, doors, and accessories are also easily added to an extruded aluminum frame.

Customer Service

We pride ourselves in our customer service!  Submit a Contact Us form and we will respond promptly, or give us a call and get through directly to one of our team members.  We employ exactly zero robotic operators!

Did we mention our Standard Kits ship free?




T-slotted Aluminum Extrusion and Why it is growing as the preferred material



T-slotted aluminum extrusion has been used in the industrial and manufacturing sector for decades.  It quickly became a favorite because it’s modularity, ease of assembly, and ability to build sturdy structures without any welding.  It was only a matter of time before aquarium enthusiasts saw these properties as a major advantage in the use of building stands!

You can mount virtually anything to your stand using brackets and t-nuts.  It is also easy to add, adjust, or customize on the fly because most features or changes can be added post-assembly.  Paneling, doors, and tops are also easily incorporated.

Sleek, Sophisticated Appearance

Customers love the sleek metallic look of an aluminum extrusion aquarium stand as opposed to the “unfinished look” of a traditional wood stand. The extrusion is available in both clear and black anodized aluminum, with the clear anodized finish providing a metallic silver look, while the black anodized gives a dark contrast.

Easy to Assemble Kits

AluFab provides your stand in kit-form, with all pieces labeled, all hardware separated, and any machining that is required will be finished when it arrives at your door. Our team will also provide a reference sheet that shows where each labeled piece goes within the assembly, as well as an instruction packet that provides helpful information about t-slotted extruded aluminum and the fasteners you will be using in your kit.

The only tool you will need to assemble is a ball-end Allen wrench which are included in every kit. If any issues or questions arise during assembly, our team is standing by to answer your call or email and instruct you through it.

Assembly available as well

AluFab offers full assembly as an option, and your stand can be shipped to your door complete and ready to use.

Customized To Your Specifications

Our design team has already worked with many aquarium enthusiasts to put together the aquarium stand that they want, that fits any custom dimensions, specifications, or special requests.  Whatever your situation is, AluFab’s expert design team can help provide a solution!

Contact AluFab For A Quote

Contact AluFab through our website, and our dedicated team will prepare a quote for your aquarium stand needs. Please include the following information with your inquiry:

  • Glass or Acrylic Tank
  • Length x Width x Height and Gallon capacity of your TANK (please include any framing)
  • Length x Width x Height and Gallon Capacity of your SUMP (if applicable)
  • Desired Length x Width x Height of your STAND
  • Leveling feet or No leveling feet