T-Slot Aluminum Extruded Workstations

T-Slots aluminum extrusion is a great material to use when building your desk, work bench, computer station, or job table. It is lightweight, easy to assemble and disassemble, and you can adjust or add to your station with ease. Additionally, you can integrate any custom features you can think of right into your workstation. LED lights can be mounted anywhere to light up your work area.

Choose from a variety of countertop materials, add fixed shelves or pull-out shelves, and add features such as tool racks or even cupholders to make your workstation comfortable and convenient. Our team of engineers at AluFab are ready to hear your ideas and needs and help bring your ideal workstation to life.


AluFab’s t-slotted aluminum extrusion is the perfect material to serve as the base of your table.  With its strong but lightweight properties, it can be designed to withstand any load while still maintain its ease of assembly and ease of mobility properties.  Feet, floor mount brackets, and even casters can easily be incorporated so your table will function best on any surface.  Tabletops of any material can also easily be mounted to the top.

Aluminum Table AluFab


Manufacturing environments often require stations for operational tasks, information logging, or holding shelves.  AluFab’s t-slotted extrusion can be used to create strong, stable, custom stations for whatever purpose you require.  Shelves, tools, keyboards and monitors can be incorporated easily and with its clear anodized finish, your station will stay clean and look sharp.

MVC Wheeled Shelving AluFab


Many of our customers love the clean and sleek look of our aluminum extrusion, and often we are asked to create desks using our t-slotted extrusion as the base.  In addition to pleasant aesthetics, using t-slotted aluminum extrusion allows to you make your desk to custom dimensions and specifications, add mount points for shelving, wires, or accessories, and can be easily assembled, modified, or added to.

Desk Workstation AluFab


For our customers who wish to create their perfect workbench, look no further than using our t-slotted aluminum extrusion.  It is easier to assemble than wood, more modular when it comes to adding and changing designs, and accessories such as tool hangers, shelves, tabletops and wire mesh can easily be incorporated.

WLB32 Aluminum Extrusion Workstation