AluFab extrudes and sources all of our t-slotted aluminum extrusion in the US in order to meet your supply chain needs. We are well stocked and well prepared to keep your business moving by providing your aluminum extrusion needs quickly, efficiently, and with the highest quality. Contact Us today to learn more about the AluFab difference when it comes to t-slotted aluminum extrusion structures.

Metric Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

The metric section includes aluminum extrusions, fasteners, brackets and many options for the 25mm and 40mm TSLOTS aluminum extrusions.

View our complete catalog of Metric Aluminum Extrusion Profiles (pdf – 3.9MB)
Download the catalog for access to all details in your next aluminum extrusion structural assembly.

Don’t need Metric? We’ve got fractional aluminum extrusion profiles too.

Alufab provides Metric Aluminum Extrusion Profiles for any aluminum extrusion structure or assembly.

We also carry 45mm based aluminum extrusion framing and components – compare to Boschâ„¢ structural aluminum framing system.

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