AluFab has years of experience using our T-Slots aluminum extrusion to build enclosures that provide a clean environment for machines to run and safe spaces for operators or technicians to work. Due to their modular and customizable nature, aluminum extrusion panels make a great way to build every size enclosure in any work environment. And with an endless number of features that can be easily integrated into your system, your custom enclosure will serve the exact purpose that you are looking for.

Machine Perimeter Enclosures

Perimeter enclosures are typically built as an individual machine unit designed to protect your machine and allow your process to be completed in a safe, clean, and controlled environment.  OSHA regulations also require robots and machines to be guarded while operators, and AluFab’s perimeter enclosures are a great way to do that while allowing your machine to run efficiently. When space is at a premium and plant conditions require maximum protection, AluFab’s perimeter enclosure is a compact, cost-effective solution.

Full Room Enclosures

If an individual machine unit does not make sense for the size or complexity of your system, full room enclosures can also be built to create an effective operating space within any plant or facility.

Common Enclosure Applications


CMM Enclosure

T-slotted aluminum extrusion enclosures are a great way to provide a protected and clean running environment for CMM’s.  AluFab can specifically design an enclosure to accommodate your CMM system with a number of features available.

The enclosure unit can contain removable panels, sliding doors, swing doors, or guillotine doors to easily load and remove parts from the CMM.  They can also be placed where needed for CMM operation.  Climate can be controlled by simple vent slots or complete HVAC systems.  Dust control is achieved through door and panel seals as well as positive-pressure fans to keep your CMM running efficiently and accurately.

LED lights can easily be integrated into the ceiling panels to provide visibility for operators and technicians.

Robotic Enclosures

Another great application for t-slotted aluminum extrusion enclosures is robotic cells and systems.  AluFab’s perimeter enclosures can provide a safe, clean environment for your robot to operate while also giving ample space for operation and maintenance.

Climate control, dust control, and all other features mentioned above are also available for robotic cell enclosures. For weld cells and welding robots AluFab offers black reflective panels or integrated weld curtains to protect operators from robot operations.  Installation, assembly, or reconfiguration is as easy as removing or adding t-slotted extrusion panels.

Machine Enclosures

If you have a machine that is different from the ones mentioned but still needs to be guarded or operate in a climate controlled and dust controlled environment, let us know and we will help design an appropriate enclosure for your application.