AluFab offers a wide variety of t-slotted aluminum extrusion profiles and hardware, both in the form of raw materials and as full assemblies.  Check out some of the Machine Enclosures and Perimeter Guarding, AluFab can offer, as well as all of our Custom Solutions.


AluFab has years of experience using our T-Slots aluminum extrusion to build enclosures that provide a clean environment for machines to run and safe spaces for operators or technicians to work. Due to their modular and customizable nature, aluminum extrusion panels make a great way to build every size enclosure in any work environment. And with an endless number of features that can be easily integrated into your system, your custom enclosure will serve the exact purpose that you are looking for.

Machine Perimeter Enclosures

Perimeter enclosures are typically built as an individual machine unit designed to protect your machine and allow your process to be completed in a safe, clean, and controlled environment. The machine or part can be loaded, unloaded, and/or serviced through exterior access panels that can be built as sliding doors, swing doors, or automatic guillotine doors. Climate can be controlled by simple vent slots or complete HVAC systems.

Dust control is achieved through door and panel seals as well as optional positive-pressure fans. LED lights can easily be integrated into the ceiling panels to provide visibility for operators and technicians. When space is at a premium and plant conditions require maximum protection, AluFab’s perimeter enclosure is a compact, cost-effective solution.

AluFab Perimeter Enclosures

Designed to protect just the CMM, this small, individual machine unit is accessed from outside the enclosure.

Standard Features for Perimeter Enclosures

Both perimeter enclosure styles are designed with the following features:
  • T-slotted aluminum construction
  • Expanded PVC multi-colored panels
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Filtered cooling fans
  • Brush seals: seals air, light, fumes, dust, debris, and spray
  • Lightweight modular panels, designed to fasten together for easy installation
  • Acrylic or Lexan (this has the little R for registered after it) window panels for clear visability
  • Removable panels for easy maintenance
  • Floor or table mounts
In addition to these standard options, AluFab can customize your perimeter enclosure to accommodate any special needs you may have. Please call with special requests and we will be happy to design and incorporate an appropriate solution: (513) 528-7281.

Access Options

  • Sliding panel door
  • Swing-type (cabinet-style) door
  • Vertical sliding door – manual or automatic

Climate Control Options

  • Vent slot
  • Cooling fan
  • Heating/Air-conditioning unit
  • Plenum ceiling

Dust Control Options

  • Door brush seal
  • Panel gasket seals
  • Positive pressure blower

AluFab Room Enclosures

For large CMM’s, dirty and noisy environments, or where extreme temperature variations exist, AluFab’s room enclosures is an effective and practical solution. The room enclosure is a customized unit, designed to suit any size, climate, or cleanliness specification needed. Put a self-contained lab right on the manufacturing floor, complete with a heating and air-conditioning system, electrical outlets for machine controls and computers, air hook-up, and complete dust sealing. Window panels can provide visibility in and out of the room, or stay isolated with sound panels, fire panels, and thermal panels. Any requirement that will provide an optimal environment for both your process and your technicians can easily be incorporated into an AluFab room enclosure.

Access Options

3070 x 1 ¾ Personal Door

  • 20 gauge sheet construction
  • Mortised hinges and strike plate
  • Commercial-quality stainless steel
  • Key-in-knob lock set
  • Tempered ¼” safety glass window

8070 x 1 ¾ Double Door

  • 20 gauge steel construction
  • Mortised hinges and strike plate
  • Commercial-quality stainless steel
  • Key-in-knob lock set
  • Tempered ¼” safety glass window
  • Dead side stainless steel floor bolt

Roll-Up Door

  • Motorized or manual
  • Multiple sizes
  • Insulated or non-insulated
  • Optional strip barrier

Parts Access Door

  • Counterbalanced vertical sliding door
  • Hinged doors
  • Horizontal sliding doors
  • Pneumatic or manual

Environmental Control Options

Positive Pressure Blower

  • Industrial high grade blower
  • Magnetic gauge
  • Pleated filter, standard up to 0.001 microns
  • Pre-wired with switch

Standard HVAC

  • Window A/C
  • Wall mount A/C with heat strip (1-5 ton capacity)
  • +/-4 degrees Celcius
  • Digital thermostat control

Precision HVAC

  • 1-5 ton capacity
  • +/-1 degree Celsius
  • PID loop control with programmable operator interface
  • Multiple channel temperature data logging with chart software
  • Less than 1 degree differential per horizontal or vertical meter
  • Optional-active humidity control

Electric Options

  • Standard 110v Duplex Outlets
  • 2’ x 4’ Fluorescent Lights with T8 Ballast Modular Electric
  • Complete Electrical Distribution with Single Point Customer Connection