Gallery of Custom-Built Aquarium Stands

View samples of our completed, customized aquarium stands below. Click an image to enlarge it.

All Black Stand With Light Bar

Accessories like light bars are easy to add, even after the stand is assembled. And look how good it can look in your living room!

Aluminum Stand with Hinged Doors

If you can think it, you can build it – like this customer who added hinged door panels to the outside of his AluFab stand.

(Please note, door panels not currently available for purchase from AluFab)

Black Extrusion, White Panels

Our customers have tried just about every contrast, and they all look good!  Like this stand that combines white panels with our black anodized aluminum.

Office Stand

Smaller stands provide a sleek and modern look for smaller tanks and look great in an office or living room.

Silver on Silver Stand

If you like the aluminum look, try our brushed silver panels combined with our clear anodized aluminum.

Sunroom Stand

This sunlit coral tank, featured by Michael Paletta on ReefBuilders and YouTube’s American Reef Channel, looks great on top of an all black aluminum stand.

96 x 24 Black Stand

Our aluminum extrusion stands are good for any application, including heavier 8 foot long glass tanks!

Custom Stand with Crate and Cabinetry

If you can think it, you can build it – like a heavy duty stand that doubles as a dog crate with storage space built over your tank!

Heavy Duty Stand

Large glass tank? No problem! Upgrade to 3” x 3” extrusion for maximum strength that can handle the heaviest of applications. (Featured on Tidal Gardens).