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Extruded Aluminum Spray Tanning Booth is Lighter and Easier to Install


A national manufacturer of popular spray tanning products was looking for ways to make their tanning booth installation easier for the customer. The current wood frame and glass design was heavy, awkward to handle and difficult to assemble.  It required several employees to carry large panels in from a truck, one at a time, and hold them in place while yet another used multiple tools to fasten and secure the structure.  Once in place the booth could not be moved for carpet cleaning without partial disassembly.  Complaints were also raised that the heavy wood framing made the booth appear “bulky”.


After consulting with the company owner, AluFab proposed an extruded aluminum structure with ABS and polycarbonate panels.  The modular extruded aluminum frame allows the disassembled unit to stack neatly on a skid small enough to fit through a standard storefront door.  For ease of assembly, the frame members are designed to interlock and are set-screwed in place, needing only one Allen head wrench to secure them.  In addition, the weight reduction realized by using plastic and extruded aluminum requires at most two people to quickly and easily build the unit. Because stronger anodized aluminum extrusion is used rather than wood, the sizes of the structural components are now much smaller, giving the finished booth a cleaner, more modern appearance.  And as a final advantage, at the quantities the booths are being made, the aluminum extrusion unit is less expensive than its wooden counterpart.