Dynamic hinges are made of 6000 series aluminum alloy with pre-lubricated bronze pivot bearings and hardened stripper bolt axles. The dynamic hinges are designed to give your aluminum extrusion structural assembly design from 0 to 180 degrees of axial motion. Dynamic hinges are great for diverter gate applications and have a high load capacity.

Get the motion and support you need in your aluminum extrusion assembly:

  • Dynamic Hinges provide 0 to 180 degrees of axial motion
  • Dynamic Hinges give your aluminum extrusion structure high load capacity
  • Dynamic Hinges for diverter gate applications
  • A complete assortment of Structural Hinges also available

Aluminum Extrusion Dynamic & Structural Hinges

Alufab carries a complete assortment of aluminum extrusion dynamic and structural hinges.

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