Monday, August 21, 2017
Why Use Aluminum?

Build FLEXIBLE equipment.

Bolt your structure together and HAVE IT NOW!

Build with Aluminum

Aluminum costs LESS.

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Aluminum vs.
Steel construction

Tips for using Aluminum Extrusions

Assembling with Aluminum

Cost Concerns

The Strength Issue

Value Added Services

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Design & Engineering

Alufab Design and Engineering ServicesAluFab has experienced engineers that design and build using the structural T-slotted extrusion. AluFab can supply you with up to date drawings and bill of materials at your request. Let AluFab's engineers assist you in designing the best solution for your project.


Alufab MachiningWe provide all machining services required to accommodate any part that we offer. Anything from miter cuts, counter bores, access holes, taps, panel cuts and custom milling services, we do it for you. If you want a part custom machined call one of our customer service representatives. Custom machining is one of our specialties.

Assembly Instructions

Whether in kit form or partially assembled, AluFab will provide you with clear and concise step by step instructions to complete your project. Our alpha-numeric coding system allows you to easily match mating parts for effortless construction.

On-site Design, Engineering and Installation

Alufab On-Site ServicesDon’t tie up your resources designing guards or other extrusion products. For a nominal fee, AluFab's experienced design team will visit your site and custom design a solution for your unique needs. If you contract with AluFab to complete the project, the design fee will be credited to your final bill. For any project a full on-site installation team or supervisory assistance is available upon request.