Monday, August 21, 2017
Why Use Aluminum?

Build FLEXIBLE equipment.

Bolt your structure together and HAVE IT NOW!

Build with Aluminum

Aluminum costs LESS.

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Aluminum vs.
Steel construction

Tips for using Aluminum Extrusions

Assembling with Aluminum

Cost Concerns

The Strength Issue


A service dedicated structural aluminum framing system fabricator specializing in aluminum structural extrusions.


Aluminum Extrusion Materials


Aluminum extrusion material - the choice is yours. Build with the aluminum structural framing that fits your job.

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Aluminum Structural Framing Applications & Ideas

Aluminum structural framing allows you the freedom to build the structure you want.

AluFab’s aluminum framing system is perfect to create enclosures, machine bases, machine frames, workstations, perimeter guarding, tool specialties, material handling, display units, furniture, automation, linear motion, hydraulics & pneumatics, and more.
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Framing Services – Design, Engineer, Install

Structural aluminum framing systems can be designed by our team of expert engineers, saving you time and money. AluFab will work for you or with you.
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Why Build with Aluminum Structural Framing?
With structural aluminum framing systems you can:

Case Studies
Case Studies Case Studies